Medical Services


Recovery Unlimited is pleased to offer medical services, including medication-assisted therapy, to manage substance abuse and mental health symptoms.  Our appointments are usually available within 7 business days. 


The process begins with an intake to include various screening tools.  Based on these tools, appropriate in depth assessments for substance abuse and/or mental health are scheduled within 1-2 days of the intake.  Within 72 hours of the completed assessment write up, a doctor’s appointment is scheduled.  Services available at these appointments include psychotropic medication services, Vivitrol/Naltrexone evaluations, lab work, Genomind testing, and follow up care to ensure appropriate medication levels are being maintained. 


Vivitrol/Naltrexone is a medication-assisted therapy designed to treat opiate and alcohol use disorders.  Our medical staff has significant experience with the Vivitrol program and also works with the Touch Points program to assist individuals in need of financial assistance for their Vivitrol maintenance therapy.



Genomind is a genetic testing service available to assess individuals for appropriate psychotropic medications.  Swabbing the inside of the patient’s cheek with a cotton swab performs the testing.  The swab is sent out for testing to determine which medications are likely to be effective for a particular individual.  It is important to note that Genomind is meant to assist treatment providers, not to diagnose specific issues.   Genomind is meant to be utilized in conjunction with a full mental health assessment, including a psychosocial history.