Taking the first step:

Most Opioid addicts find it hard to stop using because of the physical and emotional pain associated with the withdrawal process. If you want help to ease the pain of withdrawal symptoms, please contact our medical clinic and ask about comfort medication.

There are several medications our team can prescribe to help people get the rough the pain of withdrawal. We recently started prescribing Lucemyra. Lucemyra is the new FDA approved non-opioid prescription medicine used to help with the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Patients report Lucemyra provided the biggest improvement on Day 2 and Day 3 of opioid withdrawal, when symptoms were often most severe. Along with other medications, Lucymyra may help you get through withdrawal and get on the road to recovery.

With outpatient detoxification medications you are in control. You may take your prescriptions to the local detoxification facility where you can be monitored by a professional or you can choose to take your prescriptions in the comfort of your home.

Our medical teams’ primary purpose is to provide the best care to people who suffer from addiction and mental health issues. They have experience and compassion while listening to your personal story and prescribing the best medications to suite your medical needs.

Don’t stay stuck. Call Recovery Unlimited and see how they can help you cope with withdrawal symptoms and change your life!